Water Toy Rentals

Water Toy Rentals were included in our portfolio to compliment our offering.  There is an increasingly growing range of toys and sports around the Balearic Islands.  Whether you are looking for luxury or sports toys, we will help you find what you are looking for.

water toy rentals

Water Toy Rentals Listings

We have relationships all over the island.  As a result, we include some the best in our Water Toy Sales & Services listings.  However, we have relationships with companies all over the island.  If you don’t see what you are looking for complete our enquiry form.

Why Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea ?

The beauty of Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea is here you will be able to source complimentary services / Products.  Consequently you benefit from bespoke discounts built for you.  For example if you wanted to charter a yacht and needed toys for the charter.  If you want to book a hotel on the coast and rent toys for fun around the cast.  Maybe you want to take part in other adventure sports.  You can do that all through one point of contact here at Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea.

Why Mallorca ?

Every year Palma hosts the Superyacht show and every year the show gets bigger as does the range of boats and toys.  It really is an exciting event bundled in with the mediterranean vibe and climate and overlooked by the imposing cathedral, that you will see constantly on postcards of Mallorca

Mallorca’s nautical history dates back centuries due to it being an island.  With that history and tenure comes the wisdom of ages.  Furthermore the infrastructure is very well established around the ports and shipyards of this small island. In addition a new generation and breed of toys and sea schools particularly around the marina’s of Mallorca.

In addition; as Mallorca is such a beautiful island with the well famed mediterranean climate, it is a hot spot for charters.  As a result, tiy rental companies are attracted from all around the world.  This creates a level of competition that ensures you have access to the sports toys for the best prices.  So you will find most of the best brands in the world for rent here on the island.  Make your investment in fun whilst enjoying the beauty of the island at the same time.  Furthermore, book a stay in a 5 star hotel, a round of golf and heli-tour of the island all here on Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea


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