Mallorca’s Shipyards

Mallorca’s Shipyards and also Varadero Ibiza are amongst the best in the world.  Increased growth in capacity and skills is experienced every year.  Consequently coming here for work, is the sensible choice.

Common requirements include everything under the headers of:

There are three main shipyards in the Balearic Islands:


The Most Famous Shipyards Include:

STP in Palma

STP is situated in the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca and 10 km from the international airport.  It is also 5 minutes’ walk from the seafront, shopping centre, business area and leisure amenities.

Palma also has a very diverse recreational sailing and tourism infrastructure.  It also has many marinas and businesses specializing in yacht refitting and repairs. Furthermore Palma is also known for world-class sporting competitions.  Therefore a recreational sailing industry caters to these requirements.  In addition Mallorca has a climate that makes this island perfect for sailing and all water sports in general

Astilleros Mallorca in Palma

Astilleros de Mallorca is a refit and repair shipyard for luxury sailing and motor yachts. It was first established in 1942.  The yard pioneered the construction of a great variety of vessels. In the early 90´s, the island started to become the focal point for Superyachts that run both Caribbean and Mediterranean seasons.  In addition Astilleros de Mallorca adapted to the requirements of the up and coming market. Today it is considered as Mallorca´s Premier Shipyard.

Varadero Ibiza

Located in the heart of Ibiza´s capital, in Tanit Ibiza Port S.A.  Varadero Ibiza offers all kind of yacht refit & repair works.  In addition the yard offers a 160 Tn. travelift.  The lift is capable of lifting yachts up to 10 mts. wide.  This makes it one of the biggest of its kind in the whole of the Balearic Islands. Varadero Ibiza has the advantage of having many important specialist workshops.  Workshops are directly on site and within the main shipyard building.  Therefore ensuring an efficient co-ordination of works carried out during refit and/or repairs.

Also all are close to airports and in addition offer easy access to fun.

Mallorca’s Added Value

First of all work and pleasure come hand-in-hand in Mallorca.  That is the secret behind Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea.  Tour the site and you will see complimentary services and products throughout.

For example book a 5 star hotel for your stay.  In addition book a heli-tour of the island, round of golf and private plain charters between the islands.  As you will see there are many scenarios the site is designed to cater too.  If you source your services through suppliers on our site they will deal with you direct.  If you source through listings that come to us and purchase from multiple sections we can put together bespoke packages for you.

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