Property Owners in Mallorca

None of us are the same, we all want something unique.  Yet most of all, we all want the best.  Therefore Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea seeks out the best services for property owners.  Consequently, making your research enjoyable for you..

Brokering Complimentary Services. Bulk Buy Discounts:

If you are a property owner, we hope to help with your requirements.  At the same time we make it easy to find complimentary services, all in the same place.  Most noteworthy is as a result of using us for multiple services, we can create bespoke packages for you.

For example, you may be looking for interior designers. While you are on the site, you can source, property services such as gardeners and pool cleaners.  In addition, you may be interested in selling property.  Finally you may want to research other areas of the site to research activities in other sections of the site.

Complimentary Interests

Any interest that comes under any of these three categories is complimented by others.  Complimentary interests may be in the same or other two categories.  Just think about it and browse the sites menu’s and you will see what we mean.

Unique Discounting Structure for Property Owners:

Therefore, the unique structure of our brokerage services enables us to offer unique bulk buy discounts.  Because the more services you purchase through us, the more discounts we can apply as a result.   Furthermore, we don’t sell set packages.  So, packages are completely personalised and tailored to your requests.

Using our brokerage services:

Under each section, you will find listings and also enquiry forms.  We invite you to contact us about listings you have seen on our site.  Alternatively, complete our enquiry forms to tell us more about what you want.  We are connected all over the island and across the Balearics.  So, explain what you are looking for because we will do the leg work for you.

Activities Directory:

In addition to our breadth of brokerage services, our Directory is also an open door to local sports operators, golf clubs and vineyards.  In conclusion, our objective is to help you get the best advice while making the experience, easy and enjoyable.

Why Mallorca for Yacht Owners ?

The concept of Land, Air & Sea fits Mallorca so well.

Yes, Mallorca is a paradise island yet, in addition to that, it is central to the rest of the Balearic Islands.  Hence, the island is idyllic for Yacht charters.

Also, due to continued investment in its facilities, Mallorca is therefore increasing its global reputation and status.  In addition to its tenure, the location of Mallorca seems like the perfect destination for yacht owners and enthusiasts.  The perfect destination to port for services, pleasure or to visit and buy.

Climatic Commute Route

The commute between here and the Caribbean is popular because it gives the best of both seasons.  Alternatively put the yacht in to the care of one of the islands shipyards for the winter.  As a result you can consequently enjoy Mallorca’s autumn sunsets, mild winters and the colourful springs.  So, due to increasing demand, the ports and shipyards continue to invest and expand.  As a result, Mallorca has world class facilities for megayachts and superyachts.

Yacht Services

In addition to world class facilities for super and megayachts are the same class of facilities for all vessels.  As  a result of its nautical history the island is home to boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes.  So, therefore in addition to its ports and shipyards the island is spoiled with yacht clubs and marinas all around the island.  Finally and especially relevant is the islands nautical rich sporting history.  As a result of generations of nautical sportsmen and women in Mallorca, there is plenty of opportunity to admire or compete at your leisure.  A great value add for crew once in dock as well.

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