Strategic relationships around the island and within our core industries are high value to us.  If you have content that adds value to our site and helps promote your work, contact us and if there is mutual interest we can work it out.

For example, if you want to send us content for our Facebook page, we currently have neaarly 9,000 followers so it is a worthy platform and if the content is particularly interesting to us, we will even invest a little to promote the post for you.

If you have something relevant to write about we will give you space on our main pages.  If the content is of value to us, you can have as much space as you want.  If you are using it to promote your something, it cant be a blatant advert but subtle references are fine and we will add your signature to the article linking to your site, we can even enable feedback for your piece.

If you want to promote an event, we can promote that on our front page for you and if its of particular relevance we will even promote it on our Facebook page for you as well.

If you can prove good and relevant traffic we can even just set up backlinks to your own website

We look forward to talking to you, give us as much information as you can below and we will contact you to talk.

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Data Protection Statement, Declaración de protección de datos, Datenschutzerklärung

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